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Marcie Palmer, Renton, Washington - Kennydale Neighborhood

     Former Renton City Council Member 
     Sunday, July 16, 2017

RUTH PEREZ, DIANE DOBSON 'willing to sacrifice their time and energy'

Ruth Perez and Diane Dobson have my support and endorsements for Renton council as a former Renton City Council woman from 2004 to 2015.
Each of these two smart strong women care deeply about our Renton community, and are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to serve with all their heart & energy.
As a Former Renton City Council member for 12 years, I understand all that is involved with being an “elected official”.
I want council members who will ask tough questions of the administration, not just go along. That’s what I did.
Renton is a wonderful vibrant city that needs elected officials who truly represent the vast diversity and interests of all.
Diane and Ruth are the only council candidates that are proven to work hand-in-hand with us residents, toward a more representative community council.
Diane Dobson was Renton’s 2003 Citizen of the Year because of her proven community advocacy. She has continued her commitment to being a voice for all of us Rentonites.
From the city’s website about Citizen of the Year ( “The mission of the program is to formally recognize the contributions made by individuals who help to nurture the soul and sense of community in Renton through their selfless acts of generosity and volunteerism.”
This defines Diane to this day.

Stephen and Theresa Clymer, Renton, Washington - Talbot Hill Neighborhood
     Renton Pioneer Families
     Son of Earl Clymer (former Renton City Council 18 years and Mayor 12 years)
     Tuesday, July 25, 2017


We are encouraging our neighbors to vote for Diane Dobson for Renton City Council Position No 2.  Diane has been fighting the good fight for her North Renton neighborhood for several years.  All of the Renton neighborhoods are facing many of the same issues such as crime, safety, and growth management.  We need a voice on the council who has a passion to speak up for the neighborhoods in Renton.  Diane understands local issues and works towards community based solutions.  Diane encourages others to get involved and brings neighbors together.  Diane has the ability and dedication to address the problems facing Renton.  Please support Diane Dobson.

Stuart Avery, Renton, Washington - Windsor Hills Neighborhood
     Former Candidate Renton City Council and Champion to keep the Renton Downtown Library over the Cedar River
     Wednesday, July 26, 2017


It is both exciting and refreshing to see a great group of candidates working hard to earn the privilege of serving their community.  When I consider my support of a candidate, it will always hinge on how studied or outspoken I feel they are on local issues, or whether they have a history of connecting within the community they expect to serve.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people in Renton who have demonstrated their commitment to the betterment of our city, who in their rolls have made Renton a better place to live, a better place to raise a family, and a better place to open a business.  We must continue to support leaders who embrace the responsibility of leadership and stewardship without partisan opinions, or personal agendas.

Diane Dobson is one of those leaders.  She makes no apologies for her commitment to our community while following in her family's footsteps of service to Renton.  Diane is unquestionably capable, and most certainly ready and willing to represent you and I as Renton continues to rise up to the challenges we face.  Like many who are raised with a servant's heart, Diane has a strong sense of duty to her community.  I am looking forward to Diane Dobson taking her place as another strong and capable woman representing our community while Renton forges ahead on a path to greatness.  

For all the right reasons, I fully support Diane Dobson for Renton City Council Position No. 2.


Lisa LaValley Leighton, Renton, Washington - Lower Kennydale Neighborhood
     Thursday, July 27, 2017


As a third generation life-long resident of Renton, I have personally witnessed the growth and consequential impact on the community in which I live. In recent years it has become painfully evident that Renton has become the one remaining waterfront city that does not carry with it the pride or prestige that our neighboring waterfront communities are attributed with — Newcastle, Medina, Kirkland, Bellevue just to name a few. Strong evidence to this is our new glorious development next door to Coulon choosing to market itself as “Seattle Southport” with no reference to its actual location being Renton. I am guilty myself (when asked where I live) of saying “Kennydale” or “near the Seahawk training facility.” Lets face it folks, Renton no longer paints the picture we want it to.

Renton is in dire need of change and the only way we can achieve change is to change the individuals we choose to represent us. Casting a vote is no different than hiring an individual to perform a job. I understand that Diane Dobson may not be the popular vote from within the current administration. She ruffles feathers from time to time and she doesn’t always conform to modern political policy and expectations. Diane isn’t looking to take office because she’s looking to make friends or lay ground work for a personal agenda or career in politics. Diane is looking to take office because she has spent a lifetime contributing countless hours to making Renton a better, safer, prouder place to live. As a citizen, one can only do so much. Despite all the contributions she has made, it is our job to give her a bigger voice, which will only be heard from a position on the council.

o as I cast my vote (or choose to hire), I choose Diane Dobson. Her track record and endless achievements speak for itself. Diane has no ulterior motives, she doesn’t own a business in Renton, doesn’t need the support of City Hall to further any personal agenda. Her motive is to simply make Renton a place to live where every resident can proudly say, “I’m from RENTON,” not “Seattle Southport,” not “South of Newcastle” and not “Rent-non.” Make no mistake, Diane will not be distracted by other personal interests, running a business or raising children; she is at a point in her life that allows her the time to make this a full-time commitment that every citizen will benefit from. I hope you take this into consideration and join me in choosing the most qualified candidate for City Council Position 2.

Max Heller, III, Renton, Washington - South Renton Neighborhood 
     Candidate in the Primary Election 2017 for Renton City Council 
     Saturday, August 12, 2017


I wish to extend a thank you to the citizens of Renton who supported my campaign and entrusted me with their vote. I do not take that lightly and am grateful for that support.

I also wish to say that change cannot come to City Hall if the status quo remains the same. It is time to bring real change and progress to our city, to help those who need it the most, to make rental costs affordable for families who are struggling and to address the growing homelessness and panhandling problem, and to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. These are real problems that are going ignored by everyone at City Hall.

Change is needed and if the same officials keep getting re-elected, that change will not come.

I lost the primary but my voice will not be silenced and I will continue to fight for those in need and whose voices are not being heard, I will fight harder and we will be heard. Our elected officials need to remember whom they work for — the citizens of Renton. It’s time they do the job they were elected to do.

I urge you to support Diane Dobson. She is the most deserving and hard working and will make Renton an even better place to live, work and visit. I am supporting her and urge my supporters to do the same. Together we can make a difference.


Linda Middlebrooks, Renton, Washington - Earlington Neighborhood
     Thursday, October 19, 2017


Diane is committed to Renton with her long standing knowledge of our community with its challenges and issues. She has done a super job of trying to keep the residents informed on issues that involve us. I know it has not always been easy for her, but she keeps at it. She is a voice for us with her willingness to use her energy listening to us and being open with choices we now know about. She surely has the credentials of caring for the community with her volunteering, her Citizen of the Year award in 2003, and her proven community advocacy as a voice for all of us in Renton.

We need council members who will get information out to the community like Marcie Palmer did when she was on the council.


Karen Ray Knudsen, Renton, Washington - North Renton Neighborhood
         Friday, October 27, 2017


I met up with Diane Dobson a few years ago. She is now my “go to” person when I have a situation out ofmy ability.

We belong to Nextdoor website and Diane’s opinion is usually the best informed given. I totally trust her.

I’m a fifth generation Rentonite and love my community.

Before retirement I used to attend council meetings just so I would know what was going on in mycommunity.

I am supportive of Diane Dobson as a councilwoman.


Heidi Bujak, Renton, Washington - Renton Hill Neighborhood
         Friday, November 3, 2017


1. I see her everywhere in our community. She is passionately involved in our community, the downtown core and North Renton.

2. Her organizational skills are amazing. 
3. She gets involved. She rolls up her sleeves and puts in all her heart. At nearly every event she is either in charge or active and helping with the leaders of our community and those helping. 
4. She motivates others to get involved. I think she could round up a posse for anything kind of work in Renton! 
5. When I met Diane her eyes met mine, straight in. She feels you. She is passionate and she is not a gossip. She does not come with an attitude. This person has a non-attitudinal spirit of which many of us could use. Involvement in our neighborhood is important for a community council member as they will embrace the needs of the community as a whole, without prejudice.  
6. Friendship to newcomers. I am voting for her is because I am her friend. She has become my friend and nothing is more satisfying as voting for someone you know.

7. She is inclusive. I think she will include everyone who wants to be included. She took the time to understand me and I love her for that. She takes the time for people, everyone, not just her favorites, her own friends, or her own family. That is what a council member must be, impartial. She represents our voice.
One last point I feel pressed to make is that Businesses are not what makes Renton our place. It's the community, all of us. We have crime and vagabonds on our streets in the downtown core and North Renton. The steep Renton Hill is getting the over pour of the downtown and North Renton vagabonds.
 8. Schools: Diane Dobson went to the public schools her child went to public schools. People who do not send their children to public schools have no direct way of knowing the needs of the public schools.
9. Involvement. She is involved and if someone needs something she will get involved and be there.

10. She is seen and approachable. She is a huge part of our community that promotes goodness, charity and outstanding leadership qualities. I like to see our council members involved. We need a voice that will speak for the people. 


Keith Hutcheson, Renton, Washington - North Renton Neighborhood
         Friday, November 3, 2017


I grew up in Renton and went to school with Diane as kids.  I moved to the south and came back after decades to find a changed Renton – traffic, infrastructure and crime at top of the list of challenges.  Renton had changed - but Diane hadn’t. 
I came back to Renton with nothing – no car, no job, no home.  Diane helped me find my way.  She welcomed me, helped me focus on good, encouraged me to network and get involved with our community in ways I had never dreamt of before.  Diane encouraged me to believe in myself, have faith in my community and taught me to be a better person.
Diane is a natural fit for council – serving on boards, working in law, guiding businesses & corporations and being involved with so many Renton organizations.  Without hesitancy, I can say she is the most qualified candidate for the job as a council member. 

She is educated, well spoken, diligent with her review and isn’t afraid to get hands on to make sure a job gets done.  No challenge is too big and her heart bleeds over for others.  She is constantly involved in bringing our community together.
Through the political campaign process, I have seen a whole other side of Diane and as a result, I couldn’t be more concrete with my convictions Diane Dobson is the right person for the job – to represent us as residents in our City and to bring about change to Make Renton a Better Place.

Despite the “ugliness” at times of this campaign, Diane has taken the high road and has done what she can to bring honor and integrity to a world that seems to be often lacking of the same and encourages others to focus on the positive as well.  Diane is not a politician, she is a true leader.
If there is an event in the City you can find her there - not just in appearance either but giving of herself to assure the event is successful; attending & facilitating neighborhood meetings; organizing new, creative & successful community events; participating in clean-ups; active in charities; and is there for her friends and family whenever they need help.  She also facilitates connections with the City to help remove decade old barriers to forward progress.
Diane has successes toward the crime & drug challenges in neighborhoods, is working with groups to find approaches to the homeless & transient issues, understands the opioid crisis from a variety of levels and has challenged our leadership to bring about change – not just wait for change to happen.  

The candidate you see is not a politician trying to win over your vote …… the candidate you see is doing so because this is who she is and who she inspires others to be. 
Diane Dobson is the candidate of choice for the residents of Renton – to Make Renton a Better Place.